Aim & Objective

Imparting Value-based education with excellence.


Transformative Education for Fullness of Life.

To build a Harmonious, Just, All - inclusive and Empowered Society.


Imparting Value-based  education that helps to create Independent , free thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence.

The Scope of the School

To prepare the youth to lead and guide the future of this great land, become pioneers in every area of human development  and to take our nation to the new heights of glory. To gear oneself intellectually at the top of the world, to prove that Indians are capable of making possible what many think is impossible. Let Chittaranjan become one of the most sought after destination for Education.

To become a centre of excellence in Higher Education

  • To excel in all areas of teaching-learning, research and consultancy.
  • To Contribute to development of knowledge and to search for meaning in life.
  • Enabling leadership to become agents of social change and shape a better future;
  • To become a home of culture  and consciously promote communal harmony and cultural integration, to create an atmosphere of empathy in the campus.